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Let the journey begin. 
Let your family history journey begin Do you need help exploring your family history? Do you need to find proof to join a lineage society? Do you have a brick wall ancestor? Would you like to gather ideas on where to go next in your research? Do you need help with your German or Dutch ancestors? Do you need help dating and identifying 19th-century photos? Are you looking for a speaker for your next meeting or conference?  
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With Gail Blankenau Genealogy Nerd Researcher, author and speaker Gail Blankenau
Discover Family History
I am a professional genealogist with over twenty years of experience.  Based in Nebraska, I have done projects for private clients in everything from finding heirs, establishing lineages for lineage societies, combing German church records, and solving a wide range of genealogical mysteries. I also date and identify photographs and I love to teach and inspire through meetings and seminars. In addition to articles in the New England Historical Genealogical Register and The Genealogist, I am a regular contributor to Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy magazines.
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